A proposed class action lawsuit filed against Ferrari in the US has claimed the iconic Italian marque failed to resolve a brake defect affecting two of its most popular supercars.

    Filed in a California District Court against both Ferrari and parts supplier giant Bosch, the proposed class action alleges the brand’s 458 and 488 supercars suffer from brake defects, which are yet to be resolved.

    Led by Ferrari 458 Italia owner Iliya Nechev, the California resident claims recent recalls to fix a brake master cylinder fault failed to address the multiple brake failures he has experienced behind the wheel of his supercar.

    In 2021, Ferrari began recalling the 458 and its 488 successor after it discovered the model’s brake reservoir fluid caps may not vent properly, which could lead to a vacuum inside the master cylinder that would result in the brakes not functioning properly.

    Mr Nechev – who purchased a used 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia in 2020 – claims he “came close to an accident several times” because of the defect, though his concerns were dismissed by the official Ferrari dealership which serviced his supercar.

    “Ferrari was legally required to disclose the brake defect as a known safety defect and failed to do so,” Mr Nechev’s complaint filing says.

    The filing doesn’t automatically lead to a class action against Ferrari, with the District Court to decide whether the seriousness of the claims warrant the carmaker to take extra steps to resolve the complaint.

    The brake fluid reservoir cap fault also affected Australian-delivered examples of the Ferrari 458 and 488, which was addressed in a recall launched in May 2022.

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    Jordan Mulach

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