Restomod specialists Frontline Cars has blended old with new, creating a fully electric MGB with a manual gearbox.

    The company has debuted the electric Bee and Bee GT alongside the petrol-powered LE60, which packs an old-fashioned fire-breathing V8.

    The rear-wheel drive Bee roadster and Bee GT coupe use an electric motor with 83kW of power and 219Nm of torque that can rev to 9000rpm, mated with a five-speed manual gearbox.

    The company’s Hyper 9 100V electric motor is said to have “torque characteristics that closely resemble those of a conventional combustion car”.

    Frontline Cars claims the Bee will complete the 0-100km/h sprint in 8.8 seconds.

    As the restomods are electric, there are a few differences to a conventional manual experience. The Bee and Bee GT can’t be stalled like an internal combustion engine, and it can start and stop in any of its five gears. It can even be heel-and-toe downshifted or exclusively driven in second or third gear.

    The electric sports cars use a 40kWh battery with a claimed range of 225km. It can be recharged from empty in around five hours using a 7kW charger.

    “We resisted conventional EV conversion despite the demand until we were able to deliver a vehicle that delivered the Frontline drive and ethos, a vehicle that feels engaging and a pleasure to drive without compromise,” said Frontline Cars founder and chief engineer Tim Fenna.

    The Bee GT weighs in at 1186kg with a 50:50 weight distribution. For reference, the electric Abarth 500e weighs 1410kg.

    Exterior styling is little changed from the original vehicle, and still features period-correct Dunlop racing wheels.

    Inside, the tachometer has been replaced with a power delivery gauge that shows how much power or energy recuperation is being used. The fuel gauge has also been replaced with a range readout.

    Deliveries will begin in 2024, with Frontline Cars also offering the electric conversion to existing customers.

    The second restomod in Frontline Cars’ rebooted lineup in the LE60.

    The LE60 takes things a step further than its LE50 predecessor, which was powered by a Mazda MX-5 engine.

    The cylinder count is now doubled and the LE60 is powered by a modified 4.8-litre Rover V8. It sends 279kW of power and 400Nm of torque through a Tremec five-speed manual gearbox and limited-slip differential to the rear wheels.

    It has a wider track and 310mm vented disc brakes, with bespoke suspension supplied by Nitron.

    Like the Bee GT, the LE60 has a 50:50 weight distribution but is slightly lighter at 1122kg.

    James Gelding
    James Gelding is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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