Tesla is allowing people to vote on where the next Supercharger electric vehicle (EV) charging site is.

    This new Supercharger voting system has been live since earlier this year and allows people with a Tesla account to select up to five locations for new charging stations. You can cast your votes here.

    Winning locations are selected every quarter, which means voting resets and you can cast your vote on yet another five potential Supercharger locations.

    Recent winners in Australia include: Apollo Bay, Victoria which is scheduled to open in 2024; Port Augusta, South Australia, which is also scheduled to open in 2024; as well as Southern Cross, Western Australia, which is scheduled to open in 2025.

    On a global level, the current top-voted potential Supercharger location for this quarter is in Braşov, Romania, which currently has 16,355 votes. This is followed by Szolnok, Hungary (15,408 votes), and Fuzesabony, Hungary (15,318 votes).

    The current top-voted Australian Supercharger location in the running is Mansfield, Victoria with 1248 votes. It’s technically in 100th position globally at the moment.

    Other top-voted potential Australian Supercharger locations include Batemans Bay, New South Wales (975 votes), Orange, New South Wales (846 votes), Port Wakefield, South Australia (801 votes), and Victor Harbor, South Australia (698 votes).

    In addition to being able to vote for shortlisted Supercharger locations, people with Tesla accounts can also propose a different location for the company’s next Supercharger installation.

    These suggestions will be reviewed upon submission and may take up to three months to be added to the Supercharger map.

    There are currently over 50,000 Superchargers globally, with the network in Australia continually growing.

    Tesla has been opening up its Supercharger EV public charging network to all EV owners, including in Australia.

    There are now 32 Supercharger sites that are open to non-Tesla vehicles in Australia.

    The move gives EV owners more choice if NRMA, Chargefox, or Evie public fast chargers are occupied or unavailable.

    Charging rates vary from site to site for a non-Tesla EV at one of the select Supercharger sites open to all EVs.

    The Supercharger location in Box Hill, Victoria for example currently lists charging fees of $0.78 per kWh, though if you pay a $9.99 per month Supercharging membership fee this reduces the cost to $0.63 per kWh.

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    Jack Quick

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