The petrol- and diesel-powered BMW X4 – a coupe-inspired version of the best-selling X3 SUV – is set to get the axe, but an electric replacement is reportedly in the works.

    Speaking to Motor1 Italy, a BMW representative told the publication there isn’t a place in its lineup for the X4, which is only slightly larger than the new X2 and doesn’t sell as well as the X3 upon which it’s based.

    According to Bimmerpost forum user ynguldyn – who has previously compiled accurate model timelines from BMW insiders – the current X4 will end production in November 2025.

    However, as reported in 2022 and reaffirmed by ynguldyn, there’s set to be an electric replacement.

    This will reportedly wear the iX4 nameplate and enter production from November 2026, with plans to be built until mid-2034.

    The Bimmerpost user reports there could even be a performance iX4 M variant, though this remains to be seen.

    It’s likely the upcoming iX4 will be based on BMW’s upcoming Neue Klasse electric vehicle (EV) platform, which is set to debut in the upcoming iX3 from July 2025.

    The BMW X4 has been sold globally across two generations, with the first iteration launching in 2014, followed by the current model which was unveiled in 2018.

    In Australia, there’s been a clear difference in popularity between the X3 and X4.

    Since the first X4s arrived in Australia in June 2014, BMW has sold 12,050 examples locally. Across the same period, it’s shifted more than 40,000 X3s. 

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