Citroen and Italian coachbuilder Caselani have created a version of the Berlingo that tips its cap to the iconic 2CV van sold between 1951 and 1987.

    Cashing in on the vintage trend, the Berlingo 2CV Fourgonnette looks old but underneath and inside is all contemporary.

    The Berlingo’s front grille, bumper and wheel arches have been replaced by new fibreglass components attached by clips and bolts, and assembled at Caselani’s workshops in Lombardy.

    The V-shaped domed bonnet narrows towards the lower section – it “pinches”, to use the designer’s own jargon – just like its inspiration. The round headlights are partly detached from the bonnet, unlike the original’s ones which were completely offset.

    The grooves at the top of the wheel arches, decorative here, featured on the old 2CV van and were used for ventilation. The grille features large chrome-plated chevrons.

    The sides, rear doors and roof have all been given a second skin, topping off the Berlingo’s bodywork. These fibreglass components all pay homage to the 2CV’s highly distinctive corrugated sheeting, but on this vehicle they are purely decorative.

    At the rear of the vehicle is a small vertical window rounded at the top and bottom on each of Berlingo’s barn doors – a further tribute to the 2CV.

    One major advance with this vehicle over its inspiration is its performance.

    The two-cylinder 2CV van could reach average speeds of 50km/h and lug 250kg in payload, whereas this new model can handle four-times the payload and three-times the volume. Petrol, diesel and electric (EV) drivetrains are available, the latter with 275m of range.

    The retro Berlingo rounds out the range of three coachbuilt models in a similar vein. There’s a Citroen Jumper paying homage to the Type H, and a mid-sized version based on the Jumpy.

    Orders in Europe will start on October 1, with production slated to begin in January 2023.

    Mike Costello
    Mike Costello is a Senior Contributor at CarExpert.
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