Aston Martin will celebrate its 110th anniversary with a special commemorative vehicle, to be unveiled sometime this year.

    The company is keeping the details of its “exclusive special” model close to its chest and we can only speculate on what will be revealed and when; all we know is that it will, of course, be strictly limited.

    The 15th of January marks 110 years since founders Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford formed their partnership in London, leading to over a century of automotive manufacturing and racing success.

    Aston Martin will celebrate this milestone at the British Grand Prix and the Goodwood Festival of Speed, both in July, before attending the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California in August.

    The company is no stranger to special edition models, with the likes of the 2023 V12 Vantage Roadster limited to only 249 units. However this is a predecessor to what Aston Martin is describing as its ‘new generation’ of performance vehicles.

    The new anniversary model isn’t expected to be the DBS 770 Ultimate either. The final version of the V12 DBS sports car has been teased and is scheduled for an early 2023 debut.

    Aston Martin says 2023 will be a “monumental year” as it prepares the “unleash the first of its highly anticipated next generation of sports cars”.

    The company confirmed last year it would launch the electrified Valhalla during 2023.

    The hybrid supercar has already been revealed, featuring a mid-mounted 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged, flat-plane-crank petrol V8 with 550kW of power, hooked up to electric motors on both axles contributing a further 150kW to the mix.

    Total system outputs are 700kW and 1000Nm of torque, put to the road through an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission with no reverse gear. Instead, the electric motors take care of going backwards.

    Although the petrol engine is hooked up to the rear wheels, the car can operate as a pure front-driver in all-electric mode, or a pure rear-driver with electric and petrol power working in tandem.

    In the press release announcing the mysterious special anniversary vehicle, Aston Martin has published images of a vintage 1923 Razor Blade race car and the flagship Valkyrie hypercar.

    While not its first entry into a Grand Prix – that was the TT1 nicknamed the ‘Green Pea’ – Aston Martin claims that the Razor Blade was one of the first cars “to be specifically designed with aerodynamics in mind.”

    ”The 110th anniversary is one of several notable landmarks for Aston Martin in 2023, with the year also marking 75 years of the DB bloodline, 60 years of the iconic DB5 model and 20 years of Aston Martin’s Gaydon headquarters, the purpose-built facility serving as a centre of excellence for world-class sports car design and engineering,” said CEO Amedeo Felisa.

    Eilidh McNaughton
    Eilidh McNaughton is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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