Hyundai and Amazon have partnered up, allowing owners to use Alexa on the go and click and collect a new Hyundai.

    The South Korean auto giant and online retail juggernaut Amazon announced their new strategic partnership at the Los Angeles motor show.

    In addition to built-in Amazon Alexa and the ability to order a new Hyundai through Amazon, the partnership will see Hyundai use AWS (Amazon Web Services) as the company’s preferred cloud provider.

    This will allow it to integrate research, manufacturing, supply chain optimisation, and connected vehicle development operations into the cloud.

    Ordering a Hyundai through Amazon

    In 2024, car dealers will be able to sell vehicles through Amazon’s online marketplace, with Hyundai being the first brand to offer sales through the platform.

    The service will only be available in the US, at least at first. It’s unclear whether Hyundai and Amazon plan to bring the service to other markets, such as Australia.

    The sales experience will shorten the entire car-buying journey to just a few clicks. Customers will then get to choose which dealership they want to collect the car from at a time that suits them.

    Car buyers will be able to refine their searches, meaning they can specify searches to target specific features, colours, trims and option packs.

    The platform then presents the customer with the option to choose their preferred payment type, including financing options.

    Hyundai cars getting Amazon Alexa

    Starting in 2025, drivers of next-generation Hyundais will have access to built-in Alexa, allowing you to use the voice assistant in your car as you would at home.

    The hands-free experience will grant the user the ability to play podcasts, music, audiobooks, set reminders, check calendars and update their to-do lists and access any features that would normally be available on a smartphone.

    This can also include using car-based Alexa to preheat/cool your home, double-check doors are locked, manage Alexa smart routines and manage smart lighting and blinds.

    Alexa will also grant additional accessibility to vehicle-based features. For example, drivers will be able to check for live traffic updates and weather. Additionally, drivers can also control the car’s multimedia and navigation systems.

    The voice assistant will still be able to access certain features even with a poor internet connection.

    While Hyundai will be the first car maker to utilise Amazon’s online marketplace for selling vehicles, many other brands like Jaguar and Ford already feature built-in Alexa in their cars.

    BMW and Volkswagen have also announced future voice assistants in their cars will be built off Alexa.

    Integrated voice assistants are tipped to continue to become commonplace among mainstream manufacturers, with Toyota and Google partnering on a next-generation voice assistant.

    Amazon also offers the Echo Auto, which plugs into your car and performs the same functions as the built-in assistant.

    James Gelding
    James Gelding is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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