Mercedes-Benz has revealed its new E-Class’ tech-loaded interior, with new features such as a selfie camera, TikTok capability, and immersive sound technology.

    Initial deliveries of the new-generation E-Class will begin in Europe in the northern summer, with the model expected to arrive locally closer to 2024.

    The dashboard of the new E-Class can be equipped with the MBUX Superscreen which, like the MBUX Hyperscreen of the EQE and EQS, sees screens cover the dashboard from pillar-to-pillar.

    This incorporates a screen for the front passenger, in addition to a central touchscreen infotainment display and a digital instrument cluster.

    With the MBUX Superscreen, the central display and the passenger screen will be housed under a single sheet of contoured glass.

    Those who haven’t opted for the passenger display will have a ‘trim element’ that will shadow the centre screen, shown in leaked images released last year.

    The front passenger display is equipped with a camera-based ‘visual shield’ to reduce brightness and therefore reduce distraction for the driver.

    A selfie and video camera will sit above the MBUX Superscreen at the top of the dashboard to allow the driver and passengers to take photos or participate in video calls when stationary.

    A host of new apps are available for download on the central console, including TikTok, Angry Birds, and Zoom, meaning the E-Class can now be used for entertainment or as a home office.

    The E-Class cabin will be equipped with all the necessary tools for an immersive listening experience thanks to Active Ambient Lighting and Sound Visualisation, which Mercedes-Benz says will allow passengers to experience music with three senses.

    Occupants will hear sound through Dolby Atmos speakers, feel the sound resonating transducers in the optional surround sound system, and see the light strips flicker with the beat of the music.

    The MBUX will also be equipped with intelligent voice control activated with ‘Hey Mercedes’, and the AI-powered interior will learn the cabin preferences of each passenger by linking functions such as heat seating and ambient lighting to routines like the work commute.

    Motion sickness sufferers will be well taken care of in the E-Class cabin thanks to ‘Energising Comfort’ programs which combine ‘soothing sounds, mobilising massage, and activating light’ to help affected passengers to alleviate symptoms.

    In-cabin air conditioning is improved with a long air vent running across the top of the dashboard that can be controlled digitally, either set to predetermined comfort settings or on a seat-by-seat basis controlled by the user.

    Mercedes-Benz says that its interior technology system, the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) will now be more software-driven than hardware-driven, meaning over-the-air updates will allow continuous improvements to the interior technology.

    The MBUX will now run from a single processor that will power the screens and the infotainment system, with 5G capability enabled as standard.

    The E-Class, which has been spied multiple times over the past several months, will compete with the BMW 5 Series, of which a redesigned model is also expected this year.

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    Eilidh McNaughton
    Eilidh McNaughton is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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