Porsche Taycan models produced from September onwards will receive updates to infotainment and potential driving range, plus a whole new world of colour choices.

    Porsche cites “extensive technological developments” to systems that reduce day-to-day energy usage. One or both motors cleverly decouple at low or partial loads, and re-engage in milliseconds when power is required.

    There are also thermal management tweaks: namely the battery handles more heat, and can DC rapid-charge for longer and at higher rates. There’s also greater use of electrical component waste heat to aid battery temperature regulation.

    Porsche doesn’t seem to be citing revised official driving range or recharge times as yet, but we have reached out for clarity on this.

    The company points out it’s always growing the Porsche Destination Charging network, which is up to 43 sites in Australia now.

    Taycan owners also get a complimentary three-year subscription to the Chargefox Ultra-Rapid network.

    The sixth-gen Porsche Communication Management infotainment system now runs Android Auto (as previously flagged) as well as Apple CarPlay. Additionally the sat-nav has a new UI, quicker processing, and better online search.

    The layout and operating system have also been revamped: there are now five menu options instead of three on the left side of the central display, and these icons can be arranged individually.

    The third change involves colours. There are 17 standard choices, but Porsche has opened up its Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus options.

    Paint to Sample unlocks 65 additional colours including Moonlight Blue, Acid Green, Rubystar, Riviera Blue and Viola Metallic – all signature hues from iconic Porsches in the back catalogue.

    Paint to Sample Plus gives customers “almost complete freedom” in their choice of colour, meaning you can colour-match your Taycan to pretty much colour you please. If you’ve the money and inclination.

    Despite being the most expensive EV, the Taycan is among the most purchased in Australia.

    The company sold 369 between January and June yet was hampered by poor supply. Only the MG ZS EV and Tesla Model 3 outsold it.

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