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2018-20 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter recalled

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been recalled to fix a rubbing brake line, which could eventually cause brake failure.

4 months ago
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Scott Collie
News Editor

Mercedes-Benz Australia has recalled the 2018-2020 Sprinter to fix a problem with the brake hoses.

According to the company, the brake hoses could come into contact with the front fender lining while driving.

Although it may just cause chafe marks, the problem could wear out the brake hoses, creating a brake fluid leak. If owners ignore the brake fluid warning lamp, the car may not stop as it should, creating a serious risk of injury or death to vehicle occupants and other road users.

  • A total of 5279 vehicles are included in the recall
  • A VIN list of the affected vehicles is attached here
  • The original recall notice is attached here

Mercedes-Benz will contact owners and advise them to organise a free fix with their nearest dealership for a free fix.


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