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    Crace, ACT
    “Absolutely, fabulous service and found exactly what I was looking for. Great Service all around.”
    Buying a Subaru XV
    Shepparton, VIC
    “A great service with follow-up calls and courteous staff.”
    Buying a Ford Everest
    Warwick, WA
    “Helpful website and a good incentive for a fuel voucher.”
    Buying a Kia Carnival
    Lakemba, NSW
    “Excellent service from the very first enquiry through to picking up the car. Quick professional and hassle-free.”
    Buying a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
    Berwick, VIC
    “Everything was well explained and influenced the purchase.”
    Buying a Nissan Juke
    Mundingburra, QLD
    “Thanks for putting me on to multiple dealers with prices. It helped me know value. A regional market is less competitive but I felt I knew the value.”
    Buying a Subaru Outback
    Banksia Beach,
    “All fine. You guys kept looking on our behalf till we found a vehicle. Thanks. The licence plates are our own Personalised Plates which will be fitted at settlement.”
    Buying a Isuzu D-MAX
    Rowville, VIC
    “Very helpful, all dealers contacted me in quick time and saved me ringing around.”
    Buying a Isuzu D-MAX
    Paul Maric Picture

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    Put simply, CarExpert customers are more-informed, better-equipped, and more quickly connected to dealers than elsewhere. It's why our dealer partners look after you with quick service, great prices and no-nonsense help.

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    Speed, ease, value, independence and confidence. When you buy with us, these features come standard. Since there are thousands of new car buyers who use our service each month, dealers know to look after us! What's more, dealers know that our customers demand value-for-money since we equip every customer with a free Sold Price Report showing what others have paid for their car.

    Once you enquire, we'll put you in touch with up to three dealers to give you the best shot at a great price (plus more options and choice, too!). In addition, we'll send you our exclusive Sold Price Report to show you what others have paid for the car you want, giving you confidence when it comes to negotiating the right deal.

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