A dash camera is like a backup for your computer, you only realise you need one when it’s too late.

    So in the spirit of preparing for the worst case scenario, we’ve put together a list of the top five dash cameras currently on sale this month – with some discounting up to $100 off with the use of a coupon.

    Not all dash cameras are built the same, though. Some dash cameras offer 4K vision, while others log speed in addition to offering better vision at night with night vision. And like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

    We’ve ordered the top 5 dash cameras from most expensive to cheapest with a brief description of each. Follow the links below to get more details and access to discounts for this month.

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    Viofo 2K dash camera, night vision, G-sensor

    $156.99 with free shipping (click to access deal)

    This is one of the most affordable dash cameras on the market. It features 2K, night vision, a g-sensor, and records at 60 frames per second.

    It’s compact and attaches directly to the window. In terms of bang-for-buck it ticks all the boxes and has over 4000 ratings on Amazon.

    Rove R2, 4K dash camera, WiFi, night vision, wide angle

    $189.99 with free shipping (click to access deal)

    As you start spending more money on a dash camera, the quality of features improves.

    One of the most noticeable improvements you’ll find with a step up in price is with video quality. Just under $200 gets you into the 4K zone.

    4K quality is important for identifying things like registration plates and other visual identifiers that may be important if you’re ever exporting files for evidence.

    REDTIGER front and rear camera, 4K/1080, night vision, wide angle

    $229 with 24% off and free shipping (click to access deal)

    It may seem obvious, but having footage just out the front window of your vehicle may not paint the entire picture when it comes to an insurance claim.

    Spending just over $200 will get you into the combo territory of dash cameras. That is one camera that faces forwards and one that faces backwards.

    This means you get coverage from both ends. Depending on how you setup the combination, it can record in 4K out the front window and 1080p out the rear window, but this can be adjusted down as required to save space and increase record time.

    WOLFBOX i07 front, rear, interior camera, 4K/1080, 24 hour recording, infra red

    $269.99 with $60 off coupon and free shipping (click to access deal)

    While this camera combination is a front and rear camera, it also offers the ability to record 24 hours.

    That means it can still record footage while your vehicle is parked and motion is detected.

    This requires your car to have a permanently energised 12V port or enough battery within the system to keep recording.

    This package also includes infra red, which means capturing footage at night and in low conditions is far more reliable.

    Vantrue E3, front, rear interior, WiFi, GPS, voice control, night vision

    $499 with $100 off coupon and free shipping (click to access deal)

    This is the bee’s knees when it comes to dash cameras. With inbuilt WiFi for remote file storage, through to GPS for footage speed logging, this camera combo includes night vision for superior recording.

    3 channel recording is also possible, along with the ability to store up to 512GB of data using a portable storage card.

    There’s also 24 hour recording and the ability to download data over 5GHz WiFi for faster download speeds.

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