We publish a ton of car news stories during the working week (70-odd as a rule), and it can be tough to keep up with everything – which is the rationale behind this weekend list.

    In short, here are some key articles from our news desk since Monday of this week summarised, just in case you missed them at the time.

    Ranger on the dyno!

    Power and torque figures are always great on paper, but how do they translate to power and torque at the wheels?

    We wanted to see just how punchy the all-new Ford Ranger Raptor, Ford Ranger Wildtrak V6 and Ford Ranger Wildtrak four-cylinder are when put against a rolling road dynomometer.

    Before we get into the numbers, we need to give a big shout out to Jason from LS1PWR who donated his time and dyno to see what the Ranger range would pump out at the wheels.

    FULL STORY: On the dyno – Ranger Raptor, V6 and four-cylinder power figures

    An EV plan at last

    The federal government this week released a promised consultation paper designed to shape the country’s first, long-awaited National Electric Vehicle Strategy.

    The overarching goal is to increase EV uptake in Australia – low relative to other nations of comparable economic standing – by incentivising car-makers to direct more supply of low-emission vehicles to the local market, through new fuel efficiency standards.

    But the paper also wants to canvass how policy settings might encourage local manufacturing of EVs, chargers, and other components; address the implications of declining fuel excise revenue, potentially through a road-user charge; and support charging infrastructure rollout.

    FULL STORY: National EV Strategy, government releases consultation paper

    Hardcore Patrol nears

    Nissan has been talking about making a Patrol Warrior with Australian-market tuning for a long time.

    Now the delayed project is finally moving ahead, but don’t expect to see the finished vehicles any time soon given the development process has about 12 months left to run before production commences.

    Australian engineering firm Premcar is now developing a ramped-up version of the Patrol – conceptually similar to its rugged Navara Pro-4X Warrior and Navara SL Warrior vehicles.

    FULL STORY: Nissan Patrol Warrior flagship is coming

    Petrol prices on the up?

    There is some potential unwelcome news for Australians looking for relief at the bowser.

    The previous federal government’s six-month cut to the fuel excise expired on September 28, meaning the flat tax jumped from 23 cents, to 46 cents per litre.

    That extra 23c per litre will be reflected in petrol prices once fuel stocks subject to the outgoing levy are depleted. This should not happen immediately, given there’s usually supply in the system for a short period.

    FULL STORY: Fuel excise cut ends this week

    Jeep doubles down on RHD future

    Jeep’s global boss Christian Meunier says the American brand isn’t selling as well as it could be in Australia, but it’s turning around.

    “I think we’re doing much better than we used to. Obviously there’s been semiconductor issues. There’ve been a shortage of Wranglers, the Grand Cherokee was supposed to launch earlier [but] it was delayed, so a lot of logistical issues,” Mr Meunier said.

    “I think we’re doing much better than we used to. I think we’ve changed quite a lot of things, I think the dealer engagement is better. The positive thinking is there.”

    FULL STORY: Jeep commits to right-hand drive, concedes disappointing sales

    ANCAP making safety tests tougher

    As safety features improve, so too must the procedures that test their effectiveness.

    Australia’s crash tester, ANCAP, will replace its current 2020-22 test protocols with a tougher new regime from January 2023. It will still smash cars into deformable barriers, but there’s a growing array of extra hoops for brands to leap through.

    The new protocols, shared with Euro NCAP, will introduce both new and updated tests, with a focus on active safety features designed to mitigate the accident in the first place.

    FULL STORY: Here’s how ANCAP is making crash tests harder from 2023

    Fuel-saving Santa Fe nearly here

    The Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid is finally locked in for an Australian sales launch, with the brand’s local arm confirming with CarExpert the Toyota Kluger Hybrid rival will lob during the fourth quarter of 2022.

    Hyundai’s petrol-electric seven-seat SUV is some 12 months behind original schedule for the Australian market, having been delayed, and then delayed again due to production priority given to markets like Europe and North America – we’ve heard that story before, haven’t we?

    The Korean brand’s local arm wouldn’t offer further details about the Australian range, i.e. whether multiple variants will be offered, or pricing and supply projections, so it’s unclear whether the Santa Fe Hybrid will be a high-spec-only proposition like its twin under the skin – the Kia Sorento Hybrid.

    FULL STORY: Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid coming Q4 2022

    Cute little concept from Citroen

    The Citroen Oli concept mixes a modern EV drivetrain with a lightweight, minimalist and refreshingly screen-free interior.

    Pronounced “all-e” — geddit? — the Oli showcases the company’s “vertical design language”, which marks quite a departure from today’s chunky, but rounded forms.

    Time will tell if the Oli’s near vertical windscreen, front bumper, and vast array of interesting shapes will appear in future production models, or if these elements will be toned down.

    FULL STORY: Citroen Oli electric ‘ute’ concept unveiled

    Toyota factories going to the max

    In potential good news for those on wait lists, Toyota just posted its first worldwide production increase in five months – and in so doing set a claimed new August production record.

    Worldwide August production spiked 44 per cent over the August 2021 figure, which was decimated by COVID and semiconductor shortages in the supply chain.

    The world’s biggest car-maker made 766,683 cars in August, with most of the growth coming from production outside of Japan (570,645 units made, up 65 per cent).

    FULL STORY: Toyota production increases for the first time in months

    BMW M’s new PHEV flagship

    BMW M has a new plug-in hybrid SUV flagship, and it’s the first bespoke product for the division since the iconic M1.

    The 2023 BMW XM has been revealed ahead of production commencing at the brand’s Spartanburg, South Carolina plant in December 2022.

    It’ll arrive at dealers worldwide next autumn, with BMW prioritising the US, China and Middle East. An even more powerful version will follow later in 2023.

    FULL STORY: 2023 BMW XM plug-in hybrid SUV revealed

    China’s LDV electrifies its range

    LDV is diving headfirst into the electric vehicle space, launching not just one but a total of three electric vehicles this November.

    The trio comprises the eT60 ute, Australia’s first electric ute, plus the eDeliver 9 cargo van, and the MIFA 9 people mover.

    The company says full pricing and specifications for the electric trio will be revealed during their rollouts in November.

    FULL STORY: LDV Australia introducing electric ute, van and people mover in November

    Third-gen Tiguan spied

    The next-generation Volkswagen Tiguan looks like it will take some design cues from the flagship Touareg and ID.4 EV when it hits the market in – most likely – 2024.

    Spied testing in Europe recently, the third-gen Tiguan clearly offers a cleaner and more curvaceous profile with upper body sculpting reminiscent of its larger siblings.

    The prototype you’re looking at features stickers for the lights and tailpipes – obviously an attempt from VW’s team to keep its powder dry.

    FULL STORY: 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan, new-gen SUV spied

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