Yes, we’re aware that it’s not April 1. In very serious news, the Taliban, Afghanistan’s ruling party, has ripped the silks off its first ever hypercar, developed in just five years.

    The development of the Mada-9 commenced in 2017, the same time Tesla announced its revolutionary hypercar. Unlike Tesla, the Taliban has come through with the goods and unveiled a fully operational vehicle, powered by a humble Toyota Corolla engine – although, much like Tesla, it does hope to one day launch an electric version.

    According to Zabiullah Mujahid, the Taliban’s official spokesman, more than a dozen builders, engineers and designers worked on the vehicle over a period of five years, recently unveiling it to the world media.

    The prototype uses pushrod suspension (inspired from Formula One) and a tubular chassis to keep weight at an absolute minimum.

    Video of the Mada-9 hypercar shows it painstakingly doing donuts in the snow, with light gaps clearly visible through the bodywork. It’s unclear whether the the engine is front-mounted, like its Toyota Corolla donor car, or a mid-mounted unit like you find in a Lotus, which has also been known to use Toyota engines.

    The car’s designer, Mohammad Riza Ahmadi, was quite proud of the creation and reportedly told local media that he wanted the vehicle to tour the country “to convey the value of knowledge to the people”.

    “It will start its journey in Afghanistan and will one day maybe go international,” he told the local Tolo News channel.

    He also told local media that he hopes to exhibit the car at this year’s Doha expo in Qatar.

    We look forward to seeing what time the Mada-9 sets at the Nurburgring once the track opens in spring.

    Paul Maric

    Paul Maric is an Australian car expert based in Melbourne, Australia. Paul is a founder of & formerly part of the CarAdvice founding team.

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