Porsche is committing to killing off the petrol-powered Macan SUV and 718 sports cars (Cayman and Boxster) despite demand for electric vehicles (EVs) cooling in overseas markets.

    Earlier this week, overseas reports claimed Porsche has wound back production of its flagship Taycan EV due to reduced demand, raising questions about whether the market is ready for electric-only SUV and sports cars from the brand.

    As previously reported, Porsche’s hand to kill off petrol versions of the Macan and 718 was forced by European cybersecurity regulations which the vehicles fall foul of, as the cost of conforming to the laws would’ve resulted in huge investments in the ageing models.

    While production of European-bound petrol Macans has already ceased, Porsche executive board member and head of production and logistics, Albrecht Reimold, told German publication Automobilwoche the electric SUV will have the carmaker’s undivided attention within two years.

    “From mid-2026 we will be fully committed to the electric Macan,” Mr Reimold said.

    “In Europe, this has to do with the already mentioned tightened regulatory requirements, but also with the availability of parts. The platform has reached the end of its cycle. 

    “It would no longer be worthwhile to invest a lot of money in development here. Quite apart from that, volume alone is not a benchmark for us as a luxury manufacturer.”

    In Australia, Porsche has already advised dealers that orders for the petrol Macan will close by the end of September, at which point there will be an overlap between the final examples arriving and the first deliveries of the electric SUV beginning from October to December.

    The petrol Cayman and Boxster’s life appears to be shorter, with Mr Reimold saying the 718’s global production run will wrap up in mid-2025, shortly after the electric ‘983’ sports car is expected to launch early next year.

    “They [Cayman and Boxster] will run until mid-2025. As with the Macan, we have already stopped production for Europe due to cybersecurity guidelines, but it is still running for the rest of the world,” he said.

    “In Zuffenhausen we are already concentrating on the future electric 718.”

    Like the Macan, orders for the 718 lineup are due to end in the third quarter of 2024 (July to September), however it’s not yet known when the electric successor will make its debut in local showrooms.

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