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Tasmania's top earning speed cameras

Tasmania's highest earning speed camera in 2020 racked up more than twice as many infringements as the second highest.


Some say Tasmanians take things at a slower, more relaxed pace than their mainland counterparts, but Tassie still has a fair few speeders on its roads.

The smallest of Australia’s six states by area, the Apple Isle is home to just 10 fixed speed cameras.

Their locations are based on several criteria, including a high number of traffic incidents, a high speed limit and a high volume of traffic.

Uniquely for an Australian state or territory, Tasmania doesn’t have mobile speed camera locations.

Speed enforcement outside of the fixed camera locations is instead undertaken by active police enforcement according to the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management.

The top earning speed cameras in 2020 were:

LocationNumber of infringements
Bass Highway, East Devonport1907
Brooker Highway, Rosetta849
Tasman Bridge (eastern side)825
Southern Outlet, Tolmans Hill618
Tasman Bridge (western side)341

Should you exceed the speed limit in Tasmania, you’ll be penalised as follows:

Exceeding speed limit by up to 10km/h$86 and two demerit points
Exceeding speed limit by 10-14km/h$129 and two demerit points
Exceeding speed limit by 15-22km/h$172 and three demerit points
Exceeding speed limit by 23-29km/h$301 and three demerit points
Exceeding speed limit by 30-37km/h$516 and five demerit points
Exceeding speed limit by 38-44km/h$731, six demerit points, and a three-month disqualification
Exceeding speed limit by 45km/h or more$989, six demerit points, and a four-month disqualification
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William Stopford
William Stopford

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