Ahead of its full unveiling on August 30, European time, Skoda has dropped a second teaser of its Vision 7S concept.

    Today’s sketch gives us a shadowy glimpse at the dashboard of the Vision 7S. Ahead of the driver there’s an almost rectangular steering wheel with a small digital instrumentation display.

    The dashboard is clean and minimalist, and dominated by a free-standing vertically aligned infotainment screen, a first for the Czech automaker.

    Last month Skoda released a bird’s eye-view of the concept interior, and that rendering showed the screen setup in the more traditional horizontal stance, so it’s possible the display in the 7S can be rotated by the driver.

    Below the screen are three dials with built-in displays for the climate control system.

    Unusually for an electric car, the 7S has a long “tunnel” running down the centre of the vehicle, and flanked by the first and second row seats.

    In addition to being an arm rest and providing storage, the tunnel can also play host to a baby capsule. All up the concept has seating for up to seven people across three rows.

    It’s very likely the Vision 7S is the final version of the concept Skoda previewed behind a frosted glass pane in March this year, which looks as though it could accommodate three rows of seating.

    If so, the concept will be the first publicly displayed vehicle to feature Skoda’s new Modern Solid design language.

    According to Thomas Schäfer, Skoda’s former CEO, Modern Solid captures “rapidly changing demands” of its customers and allows the brand to “align itself more closely with their lifestyles”.

    He claimed Modern Solid’s unveiling will be “a real wow moment – both for our customers and for our competition, too”.

    Under the skin the Vision 7S will likely utilise the MEB electric vehicle architecture, and share a lot in common with the Volkswagen ID.6.

    Like the 7S, the ID.6 is available with up to seven seats across three rows. The ID.6 is 4876mm long, 1848mm wide and 1680mm tall, and rides on a  2965mm wheelbase.

    The ID.6 is currently only available in China at present, and is available with 132kW, 150kW or 225kW drivetrains.

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