Just days after Ford teased its upcoming seventh-generation Mustang, US tuning firm Shelby has revealed the wildest version yet of the outgoing sixth-generation model.

    The limited-production, twin-turbo GT500 Code Red is based on the 2020-2022 Shelby GT500, not offered locally, and produces almost 1000kW of power and over 1300Nm of torque when running on E85 ethanol fuel.

    Only 30 examples of the Shelby GT500 models will be converted with the Code Red package, with production already underway in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    The Shelby GT500 Code Red package starts at $US209,995 ($A303,445) and doesn’t include the cost of the car itself, which starts at $US79,420 ($A114,763) before on-road costs and delivery fees in the US.

    As part of the package, Shelby worked in partnership with US tuning firm Fathouse Performance to engineer the upgraded drivetrain components.

    The factory supercharger has been replaced with a Fathouse Performance twin-turbo system.

    This is coupled with a forged engine upgrade, a complete fuel system upgrade, and a MoTeC M150 Engine Management package that allows drivers to switch between different engine tunes.

    The MoTeC engine management package also adds features such as rolling anti-lag, “aggressive launch control”, and data logging.

    With all of these drivetrain changes, the 5.2-litre twin-turbo V8 engine in the Shelby GT500 Code Red can produce 745kW and 1057Nm on 93 octane unleaded petrol in the US, and up to 969kW and 1356Nm on E85 ethanol.

    This is 403kW and 731Nm more than the regular Shelby GT500 can produce from factory.

    No mention has been made of any changes to the GT500’s seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

    In addition to the drivetrain upgrades, the GT500 Code Red package also includes a wide bodykit, forged aluminium wheels, carbon-fibre bonnet, suspension tuning, and custom Code Red leather seat covers, among other changes.

    2022 Shelby GT500 vehicles that receive the Code Red package also get special 60th anniversary badging.

    It’s unclear if any twin-turbo Shelby GT500 Code Red will ever come to Australia, but there is one official Shelby converter and builder in Australia.

    Mustang Motorsport is based in Ferntree Gully, Victoria and has been specialising in Ford Mustangs since 1990.

    As recently reported, Ford is planning to unveil the next-generation Mustang on September 14 at an event called The Stampede at Hart Plaza in Detroit.

    It recently teased a camouflaged version of the new Mustang in a photo among all six of its predecessors.

    The seventh-generation Mustang will retain the option of a V8 engine and a six-speed manual transmission.

    Codenamed S650, the seventh-generation Mustang is expected to enter production in the first half of 2023. If this is true, this suggests an Australian launch in late 2023.

    Ford has already said it will again make the new Mustang at its Flat Rock assembly plant in Michigan – subject to an array of recent multi-billion dollar factory upgrades.

    Ford has temporarily closed orders of the current Mustang in Australia as it tries to fulfil a backlog of existing orders.

    “The global semiconductor chip shortage and supply chain challenges for various commodities continues to impact vehicle production for all automakers,” reads a notice on the Ford Australia website.

    “The challenges facing the industry are fluid and we are doing our best to fulfil current customer orders on Mustang as quickly as we can.

    “As such we are pausing any new orders for Mustang until we can get through the existing customer order bank.

    “We understand this is frustrating and we will re-open for orders as soon as possible.”

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