A spokesperson from Hyundai Motor Company America has denied the N Vision 74 concept will see production.

    “We are aware of media speculations on the potential commercial production of the N Vision 74 rolling lab development model,” Derek Joyce, senior manager of product and advanced powertrain PR for Hyundai Motor Company America, told Carscoops.

    “However, we currently have no plan to put the model into commercial production.”

    This rebuts a report from Korean news outlet, Monday Today, which said the vehicle would enter production as the Pony Coupe, dusting off an old nameplate for the brand.

    The report said a reveal would take place at a Pony Day celebration on May 27.

    An earlier comment from the brand to Korea’s Wikitree said: “There is no plan to mass-produce the Pony Coupe, and there is no Pony Day event planned.”

    Hyundai will preview a concept this autumn called the Pony Coupe, inspired by the 1974 Pony Coupe concept, but it’s just that: a concept.

    “While the heritage and spirit of Pony models have a lasting impact on the Hyundai Motor Company, we currently have no plan for a commercial production of the Pony Coupe Concept,” said Mr Joyce.

    The original Pony Coupe concept, as well as the regular Pony, was designed by Giorgetto Giugario, and for the upcoming concept Hyundai has partnered with GFG Style, which was founded by both Giorgetto and his son Fabrizio.

    It is unclear if the upcoming concept will receive the N Vision 74’s “high-performance hydrogen fuel cell hybrid” drivetrain, or if an electric powertrain will feature. 

    The N Vision 74 concept was first revealed in July 2022, with dual, rear-mounted electric motors producing over 500kW of power and over 900Nm of torque, along with a hydrogen fuel stack producing a maximum of 95kW to charge the battery.

    Top speed is claimed to be over 250km/h.

    There’s a 62.4kWh battery capable of 800W fast-charging, and a 4.2kg hydrogen tank that can be refuelled in five minutes. That’s a considerably larger battery than the Toyota Mirai, which combines a 5.6kg hydrogen tank with a 1.2kWh lithium-ion battery.

    The vehicle is primarily an battery-electric car with what could be described as a hydrogen range extender. 

    Hyundai claims the N Vision 74 concept’s driving range is over 600km.

    The concept measures in at 4952mm long, 1995mm wide, and 1331mm tall, with 2905mm wheelbase.

    Hyundai has been tapping its heritage for some recent specials, revealing electro restomods of both the original Pony and original Grandeur.

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