Pass the time during COVID-19 with a Nissan colouring book

Bored at home? Live out your car designer fantasies with Nissan's new colouring book.

5 months ago
Alborz Fallah

Let’s not pretend this is just for your kids – but even if it is, Nissan has released a comprehensive colouring filled with some of its most famous shapes.

There’s even an X-Trail in there if you’re really bored.

Nissan isn’t alone in offering up some of its designs to help artistic kids and adults pass the time. Audi also has a colouring book for download, while Mercedes-Benz has been posting its designs on social media.

If the X-Trail isn’t your speed, the selection of GT-R and Zed cars should fix that. The 400Z isn’t in there just yet, but its retro-futuristic 240Z design should fit right in when it launches.

We’d love to see your best attempts. If you happen to do one you’re really proud of, or if it’s a disaster, please send it through using the Feedback button – or just go ahead and post it in the comments.

You can check out the colouring book here, and let us know how you’re getting your car-related kicks in the comments.


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