In 2022 Nissan sold 26,491 vehicles in Australia.

Below you will see a visualisation of how those sales compare to a decade ago in 2012.

In 2012 Nissan sold 79,747 vehicles in Australia, and it has lost a significant amount of market share since then with core models like the X-Trail and Navara ceding ground to rivals from Korea, Japan and China.

It has also culled almost its entire passenger car line-up over the past decade, leaving a range dominated by SUVs.

Below is a graphical representation of the top manufacturers sales over the last 25 years (1997 to 2022), inclusive of passenger vehicles, SUVs, and both light and heavy commercial vehicles. This graph is interactive and you can pick to compare any number of manufacturers.

Nissan Australia is set to start 2023 with one of the newest fleet of models on the market and will likely see a much better year compared to 2022, where it ran out of Qashqai and Pathfinder crossovers to sell quite early.

Nissan 370Z43615
Nissan GT-R779
Nissan Juke01,084
Nissan Leaf77331
Nissan Navara 4X22,1051,694
Nissan Navara 4X423,9408,832
Nissan Pathfinder2,695188
Nissan Patrol Wagon3,2075,724
Nissan Qashqai0542
Nissan X-Trail16,0667,943
Nissan Z0129
Nissan Tiida3,0590
Nissan Almera9090
Nissan Dualis13,1410
Nissan Maxima1,4540
Nissan Micra9,1620
Nissan Murano2,1450
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