Nissan has slotted the electric powertrain from its Ariya electric SUV into a Formula E-inspired single-seat sports car.

    The Ariya Single Seater Concept borrows from the Ariya, along with design cues from the Nissan e.dams Formula E racer, to show how Nissan’s latest electric architecture can be repurposed with fun in mind.

    Squint, and there’s even what could be construed as a wink at the now-defunct (and litigation-plagued) DeltaWing project, a fascinating one-off that raced at Le Mans.

    Up front, the bodywork detailing is designed to evoke the v-shaped panel on the front of the Ariya SUV, as are the flowing surfaces that extend past the cabin and over the rear wheels. The black-and-bronze finish is also a nod to the Ariya, which was revealed in those colours.

    The most powerful Ariya mates a 90kWh battery pack with two motors, good for a combined 290kW of power and 560Nm of torque.

    The 100km/h sprint takes a claimed 5.1 seconds in the electric SUV, but shorn of its heavy body and excess seats we’d expect the Single Seater to be significantly faster than that.

    Nissan is spending 2 trillion yen (A$24.6 billion) on electrification over the next five years.

    The company’s Ambition 2030 vision will see it bring 23 electrified models, including 15 new electric vehicles, to market by fiscal year 2030, as well as introduce solid-state batteries by fiscal year 2028.

    Over the next five years, it’ll introduce 20 new models with electric or e-Power powertrains.

    By that time, it wants to have an electrification mix of more than 50 per cent globally across both the Nissan and Infiniti brands.

    It earlier this week revealed four concept cars to demonstrate what’s in its electric future, though it hasn’t released much in the way of information on each of them.

    The Chill-Out coupe crossover (the Nissan Leaf hatchback’s replacement) is the closest to reaching production, sharing its CMF-EV platform and e-4ORCE dual-motor all-wheel drive system with the Ariya.

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