Mazda will allow British owners to receive a damage repair quote by taking photos on their phones.

    Whether a severe dent or scrape, owners can photograph a series of images showing the vehicle’s damage at home. Then, upload it to Mazda’s website for assessment.

    All remote repair quotes are done free of charge. There is also no obligation to repair at a Mazda approved repair centre with genuine parts.

    The company says the service makes it easier for owners to work out whether they need to turn to their insurance to have the damage repaired, or whether it is cheaper to simply pay upfront.

    Mazda UK launches photo-based repair quotes

    It also claims the move makes it harder for third-party repairers to gouge Mazda owners on repairs.

    Mazda UK Customer Service Director David Wilson-Green says customers can switch at any time to use their own insurer if the repair is deemed significant.

    “With the launch of the new Accident Damage Repair Portal we’re able to provide our customers with the relevant knowledge in advance to help make that important decision,” Mr Wilson-Green explains.

    CarExpert has contacted Mazda Australia to see if it will introduce a similar program locally, however it already offers a service called Mazda Vision.

    Dealers can send owners live updates on the status of their cars during a service, and advise of any extra work that may be required.

    Mazda UK launches photo-based repair quotes

    Owners can then remotely approve repairs from their phone or computer, making the service process quicker.

    This new initiative is timely given the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce physical contact. Though, it will be a permanent service for all UK Mazda owners.

    Similarly, Ford Australia has introduced a temporary pick up and drop off scheme to maintain and service cars during the outbreak.

    Meanwhile, many dealership franchises are using mobile video calling services like FaceTime and Zoom to showcase their vehicles to customers live.

    Henry Man
    Henry Man is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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