Lexus Australia is rolling out a new smartphone app that lets owners track and check up on their vehicle from the couch. Always a leader in customer care in-person, it clearly hopes to take this into the digital realm.

    The new, second-generation NX medium SUV will be offered with the free app from launch this month. The NX is a bit of a tech leader for Lexus, with conversational voice commands able to control numerous vehicle functions.

    As with most examples of these services, the Lexus Connected Services app connects to a Data Communication Module in eligible cars, connected to a mobile network.

    Through the app you can lock the car’s doors or boot, turn the engine on and off, beep the horn, switch on the headlights and hazard lights, and set the climate control. NX 450h+ plug-in hybrid owners will also be able to get charge information and locations of nearby Chargefox stations.

    You can also remotely check the odometer, tyre pressures, fuel status, trip data, last known location, and lock/unlock/window status.

    You can even set performance thresholds or curfews before lending your car out, and if the borrower exceeds them you’re alerted.

    While the app launches at the same time as the new NX, some other Lexus models will also work with it. The facelifted (now discontinued) IS, plus the post-upgrade ES and LS sedans, are also designed to integrate it.

    Relevant IS and LS owners get functions such as myGarage (e-Manual, and remote odometer and fuel level readouts), the Guest Driver Settings function, last parked/last known location, and remote vehicle status confirmation with windows open/closed notification.

    New ES owners have access to the above features, as well as a remote distance to empty readout, remote confirmation for doors open/closed, locked/unlocked, boot and bonnet open/closed, hazard lights on, tyre pressure information and Trip A/Trip B details.

    The Lexus Connected smartphone app can also send alerts should the status of hazard lights, door locking, or windows, bonnet or boot opening change.

    In time, each new or updated model is likely to be made compatible, and ever more functions will surely be added to the app with updates.

    The app features join other Lexus Connected Services that debuted as standard on the new IS, ES and LS, and now come with the new NX.

    They include an Automatic Collision Notification (ACN) service, where the vehicle will initiate a voice call to a 24/7 Lexus Emergency Call Centre in the event of a crash, which can then be relayed to 000.

    Drivers can also press a roof-mounted ‘SOS’ button to call for help, and have their vehicle tracked in the event it is stolen.

    Lexus Australia provides a three-year free subscription to Connected Services from the registration date of applicable vehicles.

    “The enhanced Lexus Connected Services follow our expansion of the leading Encore owner benefits program with additional complimentary features, both for the all-new NX and for customers who have already purchased certain Lexus models,” Lexus Australia Chief Executive John Pappas said.

    “These additional features will further complement the significant new in-cabin and active safety technologies making their debut in the all-new Lexus NX and increase the delight of owning the most recent versions of the IS, ES and LS.”

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    Mike Costello
    Mike Costello is a Senior Contributor at CarExpert.
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