Lancia has teased a new concept ahead of its reveal mid-next month during Milan Design week.

The new concept appears to bear some resemblance to the historic Lancia Stratos with its angular lines and round tail lights.

The photo shows only the left rear corner of the new concept, which Lancia will reveal on the April 15.

Last year Lancia revealed its Pu+Ra Zero “three-dimensional manifesto” concept, that is in line with the company’s plans to go all-electric by 2028.

The concept’s design language could preview future models from the brand, which is set to be rebooted.

A new version of the brand’s only vehicle at present, the Ypsilon, was also mentioned at the time of the concept reveal.

Lancia announced three new models will join its line-up by 2028, with the brand going all-electric by the same year.

The brand currently offers its only vehicle, the Ypsilon, exclusively in its home market of Italy. However, it plans for its new models to be offered across the continent.

In 2024, Lancia will release a new-generation Ypsilon and include the option of an electric powertrain for the first time.

The upcoming Ypsilon could feature a similar Y-shaped front end and lighting elements to the Pu+Ra Zero concept.

Two years later in 2026 Lancia will reportedly release its new flagship, expected to be a 4.6m long crossover that could be called the Aurelia.

In 2028 the Delta will be reborn. Lancia describes the model as a “sculpted and muscular car with geometric lines” which will be consistent with the brand’s new concept design language.

The new Delta will be 4.4m long and will more than likely maintain its hatchback styling.

Lancia says the upcoming model will attract “car enthusiasts throughout Europe”.

Lancia was part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), which merged with Groupe PSA to become Stellantis.

Stellantis is giving Lancia ‘a chance’ to succeed over the next decade with a “time window of 10 years and funding for 10 years to do a core model strategy,” says Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares.

The company also said that it has big plans for Lancia including opening 100 new dealerships across Europe as it primarily focuses on the European market.

The brand is in the stages of developing an online buying platform as well. It plans to open 100 dealerships in 60 European cities, but plans to sell 50 per cent of its cars online.

Earlier this year, the carmaker announced it’s piloting a new dealership experience it’s calling “unique” and “premium”.

Lancia recently debuted its latest logo design which says will begin to feature in the 2024 Ypsilon.

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