Two drivers have engaged in perhaps the flashiest display of ICE-ing ever last week.

    Photos shared on the Plugshare page for the Runaway Bay Tesla Supercharger on the Gold Coast reveal the outlets being plugged by a couple of exotics.

    A McLaren 765LT and a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, the latter wearing a red P-plate, are seen in the charging bays.

    Neither mid-engined supercar has any need for an EV charger.

    The user who shared the images, who goes by Tessi, said they spoke with the supercar owners and “their excuse was that they thought the bays were shared”.

    The Runaway Bay Supercharger location only opened in May, and there doesn’t appear to be any signage indicating ICE cars can’t park there.

    A subsequent post on the Plugshare page from today said that five of the charge bays were filled by combustion-powered cars. It’s unclear if these vehicles were of quite the same calibre.

    It’s illegal to park in an EV charging bay without charging a vehicle, with the Queensland Government introducing a $2875 fine for this offence in early 2022.

    When the fine was introduced in January 2022, Transport and Main Roads minister Mark Bailey said: “You can’t leave your car parked at a petrol pump, so why should EV charging bays be any different?”

    While that fine could be pocket money for someone who owns a McLaren or Lamborghini, we think even these owners could think of something more entertaining to spend $2875 on.

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    Dev Singh

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