For those who enjoy watching dashcam videos, there’s often just one person at fault – somebody who flies out of a side street without looking, or someone who runs a red light.

    In a video shared by Dash Cam Owners Australia, however, we can see three separate drivers involved in a single crash who all have something to answer for.

    Captured in the suburb of Goodna in Ipswich, Queensland, we can see a Kia Cerato driver who is indicating right to turn at a four-way intersection with traffic lights.

    But they end up crossing the intersection and stop just before the oncoming turning lane, turning on their other indicator as they attempt to get back on the correct side of the road.

    The dashcam owner, arguably the least at fault here, stops to let the wayward Kia driver get over. It doesn’t appear to be a sudden stop, but it’s debatable whether the driver should have even stopped in traffic to let the other driver in.

    The third driver in this video is behind the wheel of a Ford AU Falcon, and doesn’t stop in time, rear-ending the vehicle with the dashcam.

    The Cerato driver, who started this whole drama, can be seen driving off without stopping to see if the occupants of the other vehicles were okay. It’s unclear if they could see or hear the crash that occurred behind them.

    If there are any lessons to be learned from this video, it’s that you should always be paying attention to what’s going on around you, and to buy a dashcam so you can capture when others aren’t…

    Dev Singh

    I'm an Indian-born automotive enthusiast living in the US, with a huge passion for cars. I have a natural storytelling ability and love captivating writing that brings stories to life. I've been writing about cars for over 10 years. My passion is expertly navigating the dynamic world of cars, delivering engaging content for car aficionados.

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