Australian hydrogen fuel-cell carmaker H2X Global has signed a deal with Norwegian Hydrogen to develop a ‘full-service’ framework for commercial hydrogen transportation in the Nordic region.

The memorandum of understanding will see the pair collaborate on the commercial supply of hydrogen and a range of hydrogen fuel-cell commercial vehicles for the Nordic region starting late this year.

The plan includes development of a joint commercial and operational framework allowing local fleet operators to switch to an emission-free fleet of vehicles with a full-service provider.

Fleet operators will be able to drive H2X vehicles and refuel them at Norwegian Hydrogen stations.

H2X Global will start the stream of vehicle supply to Norway by the end of this year with the remaining fleet due by 2025.

The company estimates its pilot plant in Hellesylt will produce up to 1.4 tonnes of hydrogen per day, enough to remove more than 9000 tonnes of CO2 emissions and power 9000km of emission-free heavy-road transport per year.

Norwegian Hydrogen already partnered last year with US-based company FirstElement fuel and Japanese Mitsui to build a Nordic-wide hydrogen refuelling station network.

A report from the International Energy Agency says that 23 per cent of global energy-related CO2 emissions comes from the transport sector alone.

H2X Global has been busy in the last six months securing deals in Europe for the supply of its commercial fleet as well as commencing European vehicle validation and verification testing for its Warrego ute.

The Australian-owned company secured a tender with Swedish firm Renova AB for the supply of 3.5-tonne, 5.0-tonne, and 18-tonne commercial vehicles to Sweden starting in December this year, with the final vehicles being delivered in 2025.

H2X Global CEO and founder Brendan Norman said late last year the Warrego ute project is back on track following COVID-19-related supply shortages.

“It is extremely satisfying that our team now have the Warrego running through the final stages of its engineering, safety and on road verification program and production readiness,” said Mr Norman.

The H2X Warrego ute is based on the previous-generation Ford Ranger and has a hydrogen fuel-cell (FCEV) powertrain developed for light commercial vehicles, instead of a traditional internal-combustion engine (ICE).

The first release of the AWD Warrego is said to feature a 260kW electric motor and a 60kW fuel-cell connected to a 30kWh battery and supercapacitor electric drive system. Total system torque outputs have yet to be released, while range is said to be more than 400km.

Production of the H2X Warrego ute will be undertaken in Europe and in Australia at its facility in Sale, Victoria.

It’s set to be a demonstrator vehicle for H2X’s technology, preceding the Darling commercial van and people mover.

These models are set to be released by the end of 2024 and will be built on a bespoke platform developed in partnership with KTM Technologies.

Jade Credentino

Jade Credentino is an automotive journalist currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Jade has had a chance to review a variety of vehicles and particularly enjoys SUVs. She enjoys traveling and going on road trips exploring Australia.

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