Aston Martin has its sights on a Le Mans victory with its latest and greatest hypercar creation: the Valkyrie AMR Pro

    Designed specifically for the track, the AMR Pro is destined to lap the Circuit de la Sarthe, home to the Le Mans 24 Hours race, in just 3 minutes 20 seconds.

    The best (should that be scariest) part? The AMR Pro is not a competition one-off, it’s available to the public for purchase.  

    Powering the AMR Pro is a modified version of the 6.5-litre, naturally-aspirated Cosworth V12 engine from the regular Valkyrie, which produces a hearty 745kW of power, or 1000hp in the old money.

    The engine revs to a motorcycle-like 11,000rpm. 

    In order to save weight, the hybrid battery system has been deleted and the car has been put on a strict diet, including the addition of lightweight carbon fibre bodywork, carbon suspension, and a perspex windscreen and windows.

    On the dynamics front, the AMR Pro uses a unique version of the Valkyrie chassis, with a 380mm longer wheelbase, and a track 96mm wider at the front and 116mm wider at the rear.

    An additional aerodynamics package adds 266mm in length and generates, in Aston Martin’s words, “an extraordinary level of downforce”.

    Aston Martin claims the AMR Pro will generate twice the downforce of the road car.

    “The Valkyrie AMR Pro is testament to Aston Martin’s commitment to pure performance and this performance DNA will be evident in our future product portfolio,” said Aston Martin CEO, Tobias Moers.

    “Nothing else looks like it, nothing else sounds like it, and I am absolutely certain nothing else will drive like it!”

    If you’re thinking of taking your AMR Pro out for a Sunday drive, you better think again. It’s for the track only – but if you buy one, Aston Martin has you covered.

    Customers will receive a bespoke track day experience at FIA circuits around the globe which will include support from Aston Martin’s Instructor team. 

    All Valkyrie AMR Pro’s will be left hand drive and just 40 production cars will be built. 

    Aston Martin says first deliveries will take place in the fourth quarter of 2021. 

    As for the cost? With the road-going Valkyrie costing around $5 million, expect the track only AMR Pro to be more expensive again.

    Get saving.

    Zak Adkins
    Zak Adkins is a Contributor at CarExpert.
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