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7-Eleven rolling out 500 rapid EV chargers... in the US

Convenience store giant is rolling out DC chargers across America, in the hopes EV owners will grab a Slurpee or dollar coffee while their car gets a zap.

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Mike Costello
Mike Costello
News Editor

Convenience store giant 7-Eleven plans to furnish 250 of its US and Canada stores with pairs of DC fast-chargers for electric cars by the end of 2022.

It’s an example of how EV charging infrastructure can scale through commercial arrangements, given the ubiquity of 7-Elevens there and all over the globe.

While 7-Eleven Australia hasn’t committed to a rollout of its own, the US announcement creates an intriguing precedent.

The company claims to operate more than 700 stores in Australia.

Lack of public rapid-charging infrastructure is often cited as one roadblock to wider EV take-up here.

The ports will be owned and operated by 7‑Eleven. Once this expansion is complete, the company says it will have “one of the largest and most compatible fast-charging systems of any retailer in the U.S”.

“Adding 500 charging ports at 250 7‑Eleven stores will make EV charging more convenient and help accelerate broader adoption of EVs and alternative fuels,” claims President and CEO Joe DePinto.

“7‑Eleven’s rapid expansion of EV charging ports across the country is good for our customers and our planet and it’s the right thing to do.”

Naturally, it’ll also give the business a potential bump since those giving their EV a quick rapid charge might just wander inside for a Slurpee.

7-Eleven says it plans to reduce its CO2 output by 50 per cent by 2030.

It uses wind power to run 800+ Texas sites and 300+ Illinois stores, uses hydro power in Virginia, and has 300 Florida stores running on solar.

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Mike Costello
Mike Costello
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