Say hello to a more buttoned-down Honda Civic.

    The eleventh-generation 2022 Honda Civic is a conservative redesign, with fewer slashes and creases than the car it replaces.

    As was revealed a few months back, the next-generation Civic will be sold in Australia purely as a hatchback, as part of its new agency sales model.

    With the sedan scheduled for its full unveiling on April 28 in the USA, Honda has only provided one official picture of the new Civic in top-spec Touring trim.

    To see the sedan’s rear, and the design of the hatch, check out our compilation of spy and leaked photos.

    Key changes from the Prototype include a less sporty design for the side air intakes, a simpler LED daytime running light signature, different alloy wheels, and chrome trim on the side window surrounds.

    The new model ditches the boy-racer styling elements — such as the oversized non-functional intakes — found on today’s car. It also has less fussy surfacing along the sides.

    According to Honda, the new Civic has a “timeless” and “human-centered design”.

    For the interior, the company promises “simple ergonomics and exceptional visibility”.

    Details about the hatch will be announced “later this year”. With Honda shutting down its UK factory, Civic hatchbacks will now be produced in Thailand and the USA.

    For Australia, it’s expected volume models will be sourced from Thailand, while the Type R will be imported from the United States.

    Since the fifth-generation model was launched in 1991, Honda, at least in the States, has always offered a coupe version of the Civic.

    With buyers shifting to crossovers, and the two-door accounting for just five per cent of sales Stateside, Honda has axed the body style for the new generation.

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