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Owner Review of the week wins $100

Congratulations to J T, who gave a great account of life behind the wheel of his Volvo V60 Cross Country.

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Scott Collie
Scott Collie
Deputy Editor

A big thanks to everyone who has submitted an Owner Review in the last two weeks.

We’re happy to announce last week’s winner is J T for his Volvo V60 Cross Country review.  

J T’s review goes into great detail, and paints a good picture of the buying process for customers in locked-down cities at the moment.

He wins a $100 fuel card for writing the review.

If you would like to go in the chance to win a $100 fuel card next week, go ahead and click here.

Our owner review form is simple to use and easy to fill out, with the capacity to give scores across multiple categories in a flowing user interface.

The owner review page should take no longer than 10 minutes to fill out, although we recommend you take a few photos of your car to have ready. Your review can stay anonymous, or we can use your real name.

All owner reviews will be reviewed by a member of our staff for editorial integrity prior to publication, and we ask writers avoid swear words or other inappropriate or unnecessary language.

Please also ensure that your owner review hasn’t been published elsewhere – feel free to write about the same car, but the text needs to be unique to your CarExpert Owner Review.

Ready? Click here.

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Scott Collie
Scott Collie
Scott Collie is the Deputy Editor at CarExpert.
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