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Mercedes-AMG reveals 48V electric turbocharger

Mercedes-AMG will offer Formula 1 technology in its next-generation performance cars, revealing a new 48V 'e-Turbo' designed to eliminate turbo lag.

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James Wong
James Wong
Production Editor

Mercedes-AMG has previewed its next-generation of electrified performance engines with the reveal of a new electric exhaust gas turbocharger, bringing Formula 1 technology to the road.

The new e-compressor technology has been developed with engineering firm Garrett Motion and, like similar systems employed by various Volkswagen Group brands, is designed to largely eliminates turbo lag.

A small electric motor is integrated between the turbine wheel on the exhaust side and the compressor wheel on the air intake side, driving the compressor wheel before exhaust gas flow enters.

When engaged, the turbocharger achieves speeds of up to 170,000rpm, and can maintain boost pressure at all times – even when the driver takes their foot off the accelerator or applies the brakes.

“The results is that the combustion engine responds even more spontaneously to accelerator pedal input, and the entire driving feel is significantly more dynamic and agile,” Mercedes-AMG says in its media release.

“In addition, electrification of the turbocharger enables higher torque at low engine speeds, which also enhances agility and optimises acceleration capability from a standstill.”

While powered by a 48V on-board electrical system, the company distinguishes this new e-compressor technology from that used in the AMG 53 range.

Mercedes-AMG says the current 53 range’s e-compressor doesn’t have an exhaust-driven side, and “is closer in execution to what F1 fans may remember as MGU-H”.

“We have clearly defined our goals for an electrified future. In order to reach them, we are relying on
discrete and highly innovative components as well as assemblies,” said Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management for Mercedes-AMG.

“With this move we are strategically supplementing our modular technology and tailoring it to our performance requirements.

“In a first step this includes the electrified turbocharger – an example of the transfer of Formula 1 technology to the road, something with which we will take turbocharged combustion engines to a previously unattainable level of agility.”

Mercedes-AMG is yet to confirm which of its next-generation vehicles will be first to implement the new e-Turbo technology, though the company has hinted at future plug-in hybrid models and has registered trademarks for ’73’ models in recent years.

One possibility is the PHEV version of the AMG GT 4-Door, which was previewed in concept form (above) with a 600kW plug-in hybrid system teaming the company’s familiar 4.0-litre bi-turbo engine with an electric motor.

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James Wong
James Wong

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