Australian crash tester ANCAP has awarded the increasingly big-selling GWM Haval Jolion the maximum five-star safety score against its latest criteria, based on local testing.

    The Chinese small SUV managed scores of 90 per cent for adult occupant protection, 84 per cent for child occupants, 64 per cent for vulnerable road users, and 92 per cent for safety assist features.

    The result means all of GWM’s core vehicles – the others being the GWM Ute and GWM Haval H6 medium SUV – carry the highest safety ratings under the latest 2020-22 ANCAP protocols.

    “There has been a significant amount of interest in a rating for this model and it has been shown to offer a high standard of safety,” said ANCAP CEO Carla Hoorweg.

    There’s one catch though: For now the result only covers the petrol Haval Jolion variations, with the just-launched Jolion Hybrid remaining unrated.

    GWM Haval Australia says it will work with ANCAP to get any additional testing done for the hybrid, which arrived after the crash tests had been conducted. Watch this space.

    The Jolion stood up well to the full width frontal test and the oblique pole test, though only managed ‘Adequate’ and ‘Marginal’ results for the chest and legs of the driver in the frontal offset test.

    A ‘Marginal’ result was also recorded for the chest of the rear passenger in the full width frontal test and pelvis of the driver in the side impact test, whereas all other critical body regions in these tests rated as ‘Good’.

    Citing the Jolion’s centre airbag, ANCAP said the car gave a ‘Good’ level of protection to both front seat occupants. Whiplash protection for front and rear seat occupants also scored well, as did the protection offered to child occupants in the side impact test.

    The head of the six-year child dummy was assessed as ‘Adequate’ in the frontal offset test, as was the chest of the 10-year child dummy. Neck protection for both child dummies in this test was assessed as ‘Marginal’.

    Where the GWM Haval Jolion particularly impressed was in its active collision avoidance capability – achieving an overall Safety Assist score of 92 per cent, ANCAP said.

    The Jolion achieved full marks for its lane-assist system performance, and its ability to prevent a crash with an oncoming vehicle in turning-across-path scenarios.

    Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) car-to-car performance was rated as very good, with the Jolion detecting and preventing contact with another vehicle across the majority of test scenarios.

    Its ability to avoid a crash with pedestrians and cyclists was mixed, however.

    Atop the front, front-side, curtain and front-centre airbags (seven in total), the Jolion offers offers:

    • Autonomous emergency braking
      • Car, junction, backover, cycles, pedestrians
    • Lane-keep assist and monitoring
    • Blind-spot monitoring
    • Rear cross-traffic alert
    • Traffic sign recognition
    • Driver attention monitoring
    • Adaptive cruise control with stop/go
    • Safe exit warning

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    Mike Costello
    Mike Costello is a Senior Contributor at CarExpert.
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