Rapidly expanding Chinese car-maker Geely has revealed a concept called Vision Starburst.

    The sleek five-door fastback-type concept will never hit the road, but its designers say “many aspects” are expected to feature on future models.

    It’s a pretty expressive design, from the distinctive LED light signature at the front, to the unusual wheel arches, stretched and taut sheetmetal, floating glass roof, lettered tailgate, and boomerang tail lights.

    “Bursting energy and constant outward tension result in a twisted profile with curved surfaces that appear to rotate and stretch. In its details, the design takes inspiration from stellar rays and waves,” said the flowery attached press release.

    “… Vision Starburst’s sharp and unique new parabolic pattern, in combination with the new lighting design, creates an effect which echoes the theme of energy releasing from a Starburst,” it added, somewhat confusingly.

    “The concept that headlamps are the eyes of a vehicle has also been overturned as Geely designers imagine future vehicles seen through high-tech sensors.”

    Access to the concept’s cabin comes via butterfly doors including back ones that open from the rear, giving the car a pillar-less side profile and easy access.

    The oval-shaped wheel sits ahead of a digital cluster, while in the fascia there’s a portrait-oriented screen and a minimalist layout. The materials and patterns are left-of-centre, and the LED lighting bold.

    “Different lighting effects will highlight Vision Starburst while in different states, for example while charging, in motion, parking, etc,” Geely claims.

    “… Like the exterior, the interior ambient lighting, sound, and atmosphere also change depending on the state of the vehicle, conveying information to the users in a whole new manner.”

    Geely is the eponymous brand of the Geely Holding Group, which owns Volvo, Lotus, LEVC (London Taxi), and Lynk & Co.

    Do you like the concept?

    Mike Costello
    Mike Costello is a Senior Contributor at CarExpert.
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