Demand among Ferrari enthusiasts and owners for the Purosangue crossover revealed this week is so hot that the Prancing Horse says it may need to close the order intake.

    Moreover, Ferrari’s chief commercial and marketing officer Enrico Galliera says customer interest really spiked when a V12 was announced as the powertrain of choice.

    “We risk not being able to satisfy demand, and maybe we will need to close the order intake very soon,” Mr Galliera was reported to have said at a Maranello media preview.

    In a separate interview with Autocar, Galliera added priority allocation would go to those rich-listers with Ferrari collections: many of whom were clearly rapt about the choice to use a V12 rather a hybridised or all-electric drivetrain.

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    “As soon as we announced the V12 powertrain, interest exploded,” he claimed in the interview.

    “So now we have a long list of requests coming from non-existing customers as well as current customers. But we’re not expecting early cars to be delivered to non-existing customers.

    “When we learned there was a huge appetite for this car, we decided to give priority to our existing clients to reward them for their loyalty. They made Ferrari what it is today.”

    Ferrari said this year it did not intend for the Purosangue to dominate its sales mix, despite being appealing to a wider group of buyers, and readymade to cash in on the SUV boom.

    The company has previously said Purosangue production would be capped at around 20 per cent of Ferrari’s annual output which, based on an installed 15,000 annual capacity, equals around 3000 units per annum.

    This will be a rare bird, in other words.

    Ferrari Purosangue background

    With four doors and a crossover body, the new Ferrari Purosangue is a major break with tradition.

    Under the bonnet is a naturally-aspirated dry sump 6.5-litre V12 with a 65-degree separation between the banks. It cranks out 533kW at 7750rpm, and 716Nm at 6250rpm.

    Thanks partially to lack of forced induction, the V12 revs all the way up to 8250rpm. The V12 drives all four wheels via an eight-speed dual clutch transmission.

    Although it has a dry weight of 2033kg, flat chat the Purosangue is capable of clearing the 0-100km/h standard in 3.3 seconds, hitting 200km/h in 10.6 seconds, and is said to have a top speed in excess of 310km/h.

    Measuring 4973mm long, 2028mm wide, 1589mm tall, and riding on lengthy 3018mm wheelbase, the Purosangue is easily the largest Ferrari production vehicle of all time.

    Boot space is rated at 473 litres, although this can be increased thanks to the folding rear seats.

    At launch the Purosangue will offered as a four seater with individual bucket seats for all passengers. Entry and exit from the back seats is aided by the reverse-hinged rear doors – commonly referred to as suicide doors, but described as “welcome doors” by Ferrari.

    Ferrari is keen to point out it has a long history of comfortable 2+2 GT vehicles, and says the Purosangue merely provides more space and a higher seating position than before.

    The driver’s section of the cabin is said to be inspired by SF90 Stradale. On the front passenger’s side, the shape of the dashboard is almost a mirror copy of the driver’s, except the steering wheel and instrumentation binnacle have been replaced by a 10.2-inch infotainment touchscreen.

    Although the V12 engine is positioned up front, it has been placed well behind the front axle in a mid-front location. With the transmission located at the rear, and the all-wheel drive system’s “power transfer unit” located ahead of the engine, Ferrari was able to achieve a 49:51 front-to-rear weight distribution.

    Other handling aids include independent four-wheel steering, a new 48V active suspension setup from Multimatic, and a carbon-fibre roof to keep the centre of gravity low.

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