As impressive as a genuine Audi R8 supercar is, this replica is probably more impressive. Especially considering it’s more or less a backyard job done just for laughs.

    A B5 Audi A4 for a mere $700 was the basis for the project. Why not an Audi TT which shares a similar stock shape to the R8? You might ask. Well, according to the builder (who has opted to not be named), he found the TT wheelbase was too short, and the Audi A4 was only 20mm shy of the R8’s wheelbase.

    Using that wheelbase as a starting point, the builder hacked the original panels away, then collected an assortment of busted genuine OEM Audi R8 parts and panels to adhere to the remaining stock body.

    One can assume that is where the budget for the parts truly eclipsed the $700 donor car purchase, but the end result is almost certainly worth it, and it didn’t cost as much as you might think.

    The builder opted to 3D print some parts including the shifter gate rather than trying to source an original unit, the headlights were taken from a wreck and new plastics moulded to fit, the front grille was made using model clay and the factory A4 brakes replaced with RS rotors that help double as wheel spacers to fill out the wider track.

    Inside, the steering wheel is borrowed from an Audi TT with added (non functional) buttons to give that R8 look and feel.

    The B5 Audi A4 is equipped with a 195kW twin-turbo V6, so although it won’t keep up with the real deal, it won’t be left embarrassed at the lights.

    The build took over five years to complete, but end result is brilliant. The attention to detail so good that it would be enough to fool even true car enthusiasts at a glance.

    An astute viewer might notice the number-plates that give a hint to this vehicle’s heritage.

    Quite possibly one of the greatest features though comes when you pop open the engine lid. There is a faux V10 engine cover, which lifts to reveal a hamster wheel, some cheese and a mouse trap as a comedic touch.

    It’s one thing to be able to afford to buy a supercar, but it truly is another thing to have the talent and ability to make your own. Well done owner, well done!

    Mark Trueno

    Mark Trueno is a CarExpert Contributor.

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