2018-19 Mercedes-AMG G63 recalled

The G-Wagen has been recalled to deal with an incorrectly-labelled child lock on the rear doors.

8 months ago
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Scott Collie
News Editor

Mercedes-AMG has recalled the AMG G63 SUV to fix a problem with the child safety lock label.

The company says the symbol on the lever to activate the rear door child lock might have been incorrectly embossed.

If that is the case, the lock might be activated when the driver thinks it isn’t – or vice versa. It means the rear doors may operate when they aren’t meant to, or may be locked when the driver wants them operable.

  • A total of 361 cars are included in the recall
  • A VIN list of affected vehicles is attached here
  • The original recall notice is attached here

Mercedes-Benz will contact owners of the affected vehicles and advise them to organise a free fix with their nearest dealer.


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