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2019 Renault Megane R.S. CUP owner review

D Clarke
  • Handling
  • Performance
  • Ability to track and street
  • Reliability
  • Customer service
  • Lack of dealerships

About the Renault Megane

D Clarke purchased this Renault Megane new with additional options for $57,000 (including all on-road costs). D Clarke wouldn’t buy this car again because: “Renault customer service is among some of the worst in existence. Incompetence is a common theme throughout all my dealings. From stuffing up the contract and selling me one car on paper (VIN number) and giving me another on collection day. I was also asked to attach my own plates to the vehicle on delivery. The car was delivered unclean and with the fuel light on.

From the turbo failing, fuel pump failing, seal in the fuel tank leaking, driver’s seat squeaking and parking sensors going off even when on the highway.

The car is a joke. But a quick scan of any of the Renault Facebook pages will show you our experience isn’t uncommon.

Unfortunately… For all its fault I still love the feeling the car gives me when it actually works. “

UPDATE: 14/09 – After seeing this review, Renault Australia reached out to CarExpert wishing to assist D Clarke and provides the following response.

“The Ateco Group became custodians of the Renault brand in Australia on 1 April 2021. We place customer service at the heart of everything we do.

While we have only recently taken on Renault Australia, we understand that D Clarke was writing on behalf of someone else who had experienced a number of issues with their Megane over a significant period of time.

These issues – and the behaviour of the dealerships in question – are unacceptable.

Glen Sealey, the new GM for Renault Australia, has personally reached out to the customer this afternoon to discuss the situation.

The vehicle today is running and has no fault.

The Ateco Group has long-standing and robust processes internally – and within its dealer networks – to ensure situations like this don’t occur, and we continue to implement these processes and changes into our new Renault business.”

How reliable has your car been? Tell us about any issues.

The car just seems to be one drive away from another issue.

One month into ownership the turbo failed and needed to be replaced. Without the car for three weeks.

I’ve had two different track days cut short with a missing issue.

It’s been to Renault more than seven times for diagnosis with no fault found. Until the car was deemed un-drivable by roadside assistance and towed to Renault where no fault was found.

After being without the car or any compensation in the way of a loan vehicle the fuel pump was replaced as a last resort but no issue was recorded or found at Renault despite the testimony by the roadside assistance driver. The car was given back to us with a leaking fuel tank. Back to Renault AGAIN…..

What do you think of the ownership experience with your car?

I describe the car as that one girl/boy that’s bad for you but you keep going back. All your friends tell you they aren’t right for you but when your alone on the road it’s some of the most fun you can have.

It stops and turns like cars well above its price range. On a winding mountain road or a track day it shines in its element. But by God when things go wrong do they go wrong.

How has the purchase and aftercare experience been with your car?

In a word… appalling. I don’t even know where to begin.

The salesmen couldn’t attach the personalised plates to the car and asked if I knew how. Or “how” I would do it. Took 3 hours after delivery to get the plates attached. Only to find the car was then filthy with finger prints and had the fuel light on. Great first drive as the first memory I have is putting fuel in the car.

Countless other issues including a ACCC and ombudsman complaint and a pending lawsuit.

I’ve asked multiple times for mobile numbers to be changed for primary contact it’s been futile. Service techs have been unknowledgeable on the smallest issues. The service department deny known faults.

Are you happy with the price and features of your car?

The car is really well priced. And the car itself is great. The only couple of downsides are the depth of the centre cupholders they are oddly placed and not the greatest in a car with such a stiff ride. And the wipers leave a pattern right in my eye line. Two things I hadn’t even considered on the test drive.

What do you think of the performance and economy of your car?

Car is super capable on the track and is a great mix of track and street car.

What do you think of the technology in your car?

One of the big let downs is the Renault infotainment system. The fan is controlled on the centre screen and with a slide bar. This isn’t an issue until you hop in the car when it’s hot and you can’t turn the air conditioning on until you click though the 4-5 screens and finally access the menu. Day to day this annoys me no end. The rest is pretty clunky.

What do you think of the ride comfort and handling of your car?

This is where the car shines. The car isn’t super comfortable in race/sport but in comfort/neutral mode the car is lazy and rides like a any other generic hatch.

Do you have any additional comments about your car?

Buyer beware…..but when you do and when it works you will enjoy yourself.

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Technology 3
Reliability 3.5
Ride & Handling 9
Price & Features 8.4
Purchase & Aftercare 1
Performance & Economy 10
Ownership Experience 6.1
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