How it works

The CarExpert Experience Centre is where you can discover, drive and compare new cars, without any of the pressure of being sold one.

explore icon Explore

Enjoy a walk through our brand agnostic showroom and discover some of Australia’s most popular and unique cars from the world’s leading brands.

learn icon Learn

Next to each car, you’ll find a floor sticker displaying a range of helpful information about the vehicle including QR codes that will direct you to our review of the car.

sit icon Sit

Once you’re done looking from the outside, you’re more than welcome to open doors and start enjoying what each car has to offer from the inside.

touch icon Touch

Climb on in, sit-down and start experiencing the car as a driver or passenger. We welcome you to look, press and play with the car's features.

ask icon Ask

Got a question? Just look around for one of our friendly team members in a CarExpert t-shirt who will be more than happy to help.

drive icon Drive

Why just look and touch when you can also test drive! Just scan the QR code on the floor sticker next to each car or speak to someone from our team who will help get you on the road in no time.

Visit the Experience Centre homepage to find out what vehicles we have in-store.