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Design the Future: Armortruck

The world is a scary place. What better way to survive (and thrive) than in this futuristic off-road weapon.



Milen Ivanov, 32 years old, is a concept artist based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In his career he has worked for DreamWorks, Netflix and Universal Pictures, designing vehicle concepts for movies.

For a few years, he was chief designer at Vilner – a tuning company offering custom exterior and interior modifications on existing vehicles.


An armoured all-terrain vehicle capable of transporting up to four people in a hostile environment.

The body panels are made from steel, titanium, kevlar, and carbon fibre, the windows are bulletproof, and the roof has an integrated air filtering system for the cabin. The hybrid powertrain has a total output of around 1471 kW transmitted to all four wheels.

“My goal was to create a vehicle that combines power, strength and sexy looks – I wanted it to look aggressively sexy,” Ivanov says.

“I drew many sketches for myself and then decided to transform them into a detailed 3D model.”

The Amortruck has distinctive proportions, thanks to its huge wheels shod in off-road tires, the ultra-wide stance, the small windows and the high ground clearance. The body is full of interconnected geometric forms, with angular surfaces giving it an aggressive off-road look.

Design the Future: Armortruck

At the front, the steel bumper and wide fenders only partially cover the tough off-road tyres, while at the centre is a winch and a skid plate.

A number of air intakes are located on the bulged bonnet, as well as on both sides of the grille where we would normally expect to find the headlights. Speaking of which, there are four LED units embedded in the bonnet, a central LED bar under the grille, and an additional LED bar on the roof. 

Sensors for the safety and driving assistance systems can be found inside the grille and above the narrow windshield.

Design the Future: Armortruck

On the side, the tiny windows are reminiscent of military or space-exploration vehicles.

The same applies for the angular fenders, the aircraft-inspired LED spots, the radio and GPS antennas, the thick side sills with integrated steps, and the visible heavy-duty suspension.

Moving to the back, a single, elongated LED taillight is positioned high, below the tiny and heavily inclined rear windshield, with a dual roof spoiler enclosing the rear-view camera.

Below we find inlets for better thermal distribution, dual exhaust pipes, and a steel bumper with a protective skid plate.

Design the Future: Armortruck

The passengers can enter the cabin through gullwing doors. In order to get there, they need to climb three retractable stairs.

Inside, the atmosphere is nothing short of modern, high-tech, premium and comfortable, with a design similar to what we see in futuristic concept cars. The only downside is the small window area, although this is a plus for an increased feeling of safety. 

The four individual and heavily-bolstered seats are upholstered in leather and suede, along with the central tunnel extending into the centre console and dash.

Design the Future: Armortruck

As we can see from the detailed renderings, there are no physical buttons or knobs, besides the shift lever and steering wheel. Everything is controlled through the central touchscreen or voice commands, allowing for a clean design. 

Ambient lighting in blue and green colour brings a sci-fi atmosphere, and hidden vents around the cabin ensure optimal air circulation. Thanks to the oxygen regeneration and air filtering system on the roof, the passengers can breathe clean air at all times.

When things get rough and the multi-headlights are not enough, the driver can also benefit from the thermal night vision system.

Design the Future: Armortruck


The Armortruck is a solid concept of an armoured exploration vehicle capable of tackling any type of terrain. Its futuristic design wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi Hollywood firm or a video game, while the high-tech equipment would be very useful in any post-apocalyptic scenario.

While many of its design features are exaggerated, the Armortruck serves its purpose as an example of creative and imaginative design, free of the norms and regulations associated with production vehicles of our time.

Additionally, the detail and quality of the renderings are of very high level, providing us with a realistic view of this insanely cool vehicle project.

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