2020 Subaru Forester v Toyota RAV4 hybrids

Two electrified family SUVs from Japan go head-to-head.

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2020 Subaru Forester v Toyota RAV4 hybrids

Two electrified family SUVs from Japan go head-to-head.

Opinion: Mazda Australia has been a little 'off' lately

Mazda remains a strong brand in Australia, but its market share has dipped and a few interesting products look off the local radar.

July VFACTS: Hybrid overtakes diesel in SUVs, cars

Hybrid and PHEV cars and SUVs owned more than 12 per cent market share in July, thanks in large part to Toyota.

Toyota RAV4 supplants HiLux, Ranger as top-selling vehicle in July

Toyota's mid-sized SUV topped the charts in July as supply finally improves. About 80 per cent of all those sold and delivered were hybrids.

VFACTS: New vehicle sales tumbled 13 per cent in July

Today's Australia-wide sales data shows new vehicle sales dipped 13 per cent in July 2020, with the lion's share of that drop coming from Victoria. Toyota's RAV4 was easily the top-selling vehicle.

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS400d review

The flagship Mercedes-Benz family SUV offers exactly what you'd expect: luxury, tech, and comfort in an imposing package. Just make sure you've a plus-size garage to store it in.

2021 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV coming to Australia

A second, smaller plug-in hybrid SUV option will lob in Mitsubishi Australia showrooms during 2021.

Australian startup making "world-first" active wheel-alignment system

Doftek has created a system that plugs into existing suspension architectures, to subtly change wheel camber, caster and toe while the vehicle is on the move

BMW Australia doubles down on dealers as rival moves to agency sales

Online retail and agency sales models are the rage, but BMW still believes in the traditional big dealer - albeit via a company-owned flagship site.

Talking driver training with Steve Pizzati

How can we make young drivers more confident and capable behind the wheel? Reforming our outdated licensing system is part of the answer. Here’s why.

Emissions targets explained: Q&A with FCAI chief executive Tony Weber

Australia’s car manufacturers have created their own CO2 reduction roadmap in lieu of the government. It's nowhere near as stringent as the targets enforced by the European Union, but they say it's a start. We talk to the FCAI chief executive.

Q&A with JET Charge founder and EV Council Chair, Tim Washington

We have a chat with the founder of JET Charge, co-founder of Chargefox, and Electric Vehicle Council Chair, about the state of play for EVs in Australia, obstacles to be overcome, and vehicle-to-grid.